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18 weeks and finally an update!

Wow... Livejournal had to remind me that I have not updated in a long, long time. So now here I am! Hi all and greetings from Singapore! Things are rough and tough, but good and right now I am going through a phase of decisions. As I am editing my adaptation right now I have a big choice to make...

To shoot a film in Japan or not...

The Pros and Cons:

√ Awesome location
√ Fantastic crew that all speaks Japanese and knows the region
√ Variety of locations to choose from with Film Commissions to help
√ A month or two really indulging and pushing my boundaries as a filmmaker in a foreign place

√ $$$$ - very expensive
√ Would need to sublet my room, but I may have to move out... (am already paying for the summer it seems right now, and where I am going to find someone to sublet my place for who knows how long while I am overseas?)
√ Actors? Have no idea where to start...
√ A script... ideas and/or anyone want to help me write a 10-minute short?!?!

The cons are really freaking me out... mainly the fact that I have a lot of crap here and how on earth I am going to be able to stay in a place for two months before I fly out... hmmm... tough... Having an apartment is rough... my name is not on the lease still, so I could move out. One of my crew members is finding temporary housing in between his apartment and Japan, so maybe I could work with him on finding a place... Yeah... need to figure these things out...


Get back to me asap if you are interested! lizzlyons@gmail.com

Love you all!

Life is but a dream...

My Reasons Have Returned

Hi everyone!

Again, like I say in every post, it has been much too long...

My life here in Singapore has become bewildering and challenging, and I am pleased to have found myself again in the art that I love: filmmaking.

I went to an animation convention this weekend called Anime Festival Asia 2008! It was a small convention with some cute characters, but the best part of the event was the fact that I was allowed to attend an industry seminar with animation producers as well as art/directors. It was an opportunity to hear the inside scoop from the mouth of the wolf (literally!)

Here is what I mean... animation here is totally analyzed on the basic level of... MONEY! Like that is new... no really, they spit it right out and state that if they know it will not make cold hard cash and consumers out of each viewer they will not produce it! It more or less reminded me of the dark side to art, especially one that has strengthened so rapidly (for various reasons, including the idea that audiences are more inclined to be possessed more now by visual languages rather than written - books, poetry [Fahrenheit 241 anyone?]). Listening to their comments and suggestions about how to duplicate and respond to consumer needs pretty much strengthed the fire within me to really think about writing and reading and how essential it is to get people back into thinking about where all of these stories are coming from... uh, BOOKS people!

I paused during the break and reflected. My whole life loving animation and filmmaking, and my deepest fear of becoming the one thing that will continue the result of some form of human stupidity because of most of our disconnect with litereture and education. I studied film and work in film production for a reason people, not to just create art and to express myself, but to gosh darn articulate the fact that we are losing our minds to purely visual leisure. Everyone needs to get rich and forget the poor and no one is really listening to the politics and writings that are coming out that need to be observed. You can make sappy films like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, but the fact is that they are reflecting reality and in every way discussing observations that really should be taken into consideration. Not just for money, but for life and well being.

So... after that tyraid I returned for my favorite part of the seminar, listening to the art/diretors. I had a blast! They discussed art and its form, as well as when they are expressing themselves even through a clients whim, they use their art to communicate trends and observe them and challenge them. So valuable... I also was able to meet Yusuke Takeda who was one of the art directors for Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo! He was the coolest man I have ever met, next to Koji Morimoto who was amazing! Yeah, great time and very inspiring!

So on my note of inspiration all I have been doing is watching and analyzing Wolf's Rain recently and man I love that show. I have had a recent obsession with werewovles, so much so that I am dying to adapt a few screenplays about them. I had some nice reviews about my recent short so it is starting to give me the encouragment and inspiration I need to get confident again in my decision to go to film school! Yeah... I will not be the next Oliver Stone, Robert Redford, Coppola (Sofia or Francis Ford), nor Scorsese or Campion... but I know that this medium is something I need to use to communicate with, to make some notation about the world and the problems going on, and whether it is translated literally (which most of the time is rather difficult to do for myself) or through genre (horror, fantasy and/or sci-fi) I need to do it. I love it too much to not express my concerns and thoughts and stories. So I am inspired and want people to come along!

Missing you all and I return to the states Dec. 16th till Jan. 6th (I go to Japan for my documentary on the 7th!)

Life is but a dream...

Time for an UPDATE!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

So I think that it is time for an overdue update! Singapore is hot and humid as usual and now we are working on our crew MOSs (Movement Omitting Sound). These are our short 4 minute films we produce first semester and get a hard core evaluation on by the whole faculty out here at Tisch. When they are done being evaluated then we screen them between NY and Singapore and watch over 60 short films! Pretty fun! My crew and I wrapped my production last Thursday and now I am helping on the rest of their films. I was just Director of Photography on my roommate Alice's film and freakin loved it! I am learning to speak up more about shots, compositions and trust between crew members so I hope she likes the images I created! The film was a bit intense - a big rape sequence which I could not film so I had Kyle do it. I just hope that the final output of the film is about her story and not just the rape itself. It is a very important piece to consider so in editing I know she will compile something that displays the cause and effect of its premise.

Besides that I am trying to sleep as much as possible. I feel like I have pretty bad jet lag, but it is all from heat exhaustion, which is very common here when you are working 8 hours shooting a day in the hot hot sun. This is the big push time for our first semester and so after this year things should get a bit more concentrated and focused. You start off here trying to create, compile and complete a film in three months and then again in the Spring. Also a doc in the winter period. So films in one year... that is a lot and you are trying to make them your best so that you can submit them to festivals and get your name out. I do hope I will be able to do that with this film if it comes out the way I like it : )

Shana is in town! I am going to see her and her friend tonight, tomorrow and Friday hopefully! I am doing my best to spend as much time with them as I can. So... in order to do that I am sending out my absentee ballot and submitting my film for processing today so I can pick it up next week to have transferred to video. That is the only frustrating thing about my piece is that I need to spend another $800 on all this processing... It is a good investment though because I really love my script and the story I am telling : )

I am missing autumn and the leaves changing. The frost and the chilly air with the mist in the forest where deer appear like spirits amongst the low hanging clouds. The tropics are over for me honestly - get it, got it, good... Now lets move on to Fall. Looking forward to home and the cool, crisp air. Seeing my family and friends. Hope I can drive my car... I know my dad suspended my insurance for now since I am not in town... We are not going to Colorado now because of finances, but that is fine : ) I am looking forward to a Western Maryland adventure!

Ok, there will be more to come! Check my Facebook pictures for more visual updates!

See you space cowboy...

Taking a brief intermission...

As some of you may know, I will be flying back to the states for the weekend. Going to be freaking insane, but all in all it is going to be nice to see family and friends again for about... 4 days honestly.

Not a lot of time, but time! I got as much as I could get done today with all my school work and so now the only thing I need to do when I return is lock my location, actors and finalize my script : ) Not too bad... but some assignments will pop up when I get back to, so for now and for the weekend I am set!

Going to make the best of it. Cinderella (my dog) passed away on Sunday and so this will be bittersweet. If only she had waited two more days, but she was suffering and that was completely unfair to her to keep her alive for any longer. She is buried in the front yard where she would always look for us when we came home so I hope she is happy in her resting spot.

Singapore-wise updates include: having fun with cameras, editing and overall I have pretty much adjusted to this place. Stares are more like compliments now and it is pretty gosh darn safe here. Plus, you can more or less find ALMOST (I said almost) anything you want here. Good food, fun people and I get to make movies... DARN! : )

Missing the states and need to make sure I am on top of my finances, but all in all I am very happy. Will miss people when I fly home, but I will be back so soon and need to catch up that it will be no time at all. More pics are on Facebook of shinanigans!

Hope all is well in the world of the US and see you space cowboy...

Singapore Updates

Currently I am supposed to be writing my draft of my screenplay but now I have a dinner/lunch break so I can get my mind settled. A walk really does help you open up and feel less bogged down with work. My screenplay makes me happy and once I have it written out I will let you know that final plot (and of course when it is produced you will be able to see it on the web : )

Singapore - what can I say...

The hot and humid climate has its delicate moments in a town covered in Gucchi, Prada and as much name brand merchandise and fashion you can fathom. It is, again, a giant strip mall, but the food is good (except the Western style) and most of the time it is pretty much a great place to walk around in. I feel very safe here - minus all of the glares/stares because of my hair and eyes. My campus is rather beautiful and a placid place where I can relax and let go. Even though we are working our butts off with shoots and script drafts, I love this type of pressure. Makes me work better and distracts me from worry about petty things.

It sucks though because free time is not the frequent and when it is you take advantage. Either the bars on Emerald Hill near Somerset, a stroll and shop at Kinokuniya on Orchard Rd, or just a fake margarita in Holland Village - I am getting around and making the most of it. Globetrotting needs to be my new profession soon so I need to start getting my act together and get used to places fast : )

I am going up to an island called Pulau Ubin to look at shooting locations tomorrow with my friend and crew member Claire (one of the best people to know here pretty much because she knows how to balance work and fun). Tiger Beer and coconut milk, as well as a shoot are the plan for tomorrow. Renting bikes and playing on the beach too : )

Parties, pop culture and culture shock... living, learning and loving... day by day is all I can do. We lost a student yesterday who may have left for the wrong reasons (some speculate his wife - but who really knows). We had three already drop out before the program started as well so we are down to 27/28, but I am of course giving it the semester before I would make such a huge choice as that. This is an investment not to be taken lightly, but it is one that I am most serious about - so when production management (class) is unorganized and we are disappointed we talk about it and get it fixed.

Same with planning for our films - taking our time and reminding ourselves that they only way you will get a positive film is to have an attitude that empowers your crew to be positive and have that outlook and attitude - understand your crew as much as your film. I am most serious about my film, but the only way I am going to get through it is by taking my time and clearing my mind - like now!

If you would like to visit, talk to me : ) Scheduling is really important here - especially since we are non-stop with work. I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW YOU AROUND! Hope all is well and will try and update soon!

Life is but a dream...


For all of you that did not know where I was, here I am! I am in Singapore and starting my NYU-Tisch Asia experience. Right now I have writer's block so any exercises you all can recommend would be a huge help! I am planning on exploring the North on Sunday for location scouting and trying to get a feel for the city-state. I understand my area and most of the areas on the green rail - all MALLS! It is true when they say you can get anything you need here in Singapore - specifically clothing and miscellaneous oddiments.

I still need a cell phone, but I have Skype if you ever want to call me: 1.410.697.5377. This is my Skype number so you all can call me whenever you want - though NOTE the 12 hour difference : ) 3pm here is 3am on the East Coast! I am missing the states (of course), but the people here are really fantastic and supportive. Minus the writer's block I am really loving the challenges and work here. I need to write up a few papers and work out my script, but luckily that is really it for now. Once the idea is settled I can get the actor's set - which Tisch is helping a lot.

4 MINUTE SHORT FILM IDEAS ARE WELCOME TOO! I really want to do something Eastern - period, sci-fi and tech or mainly Eastern society. Yeah, you got any ideas you would love to share with, please be my guest and get me out of this whole! Miss you all and will be in touch!

Life is but a dream...

Calling all recommendations!

It is that time again! Any good anime recommendations?!

I like NANA, Cowboy Bebop, Ouran High Host Club and Princess Tutu as examples : )

Let me know!

See you space cowboy...

I like the blue M&Ms

The weeks get more and more busy as the convention moves closer, but luckily this week was sort of my final relief before things goes crazy crazy. The release of the show I am working on came out:


I have a Panasonic Camera training Saturday that is going to be amazing! Actually being trained on professional HD cameras! Should have a few packages to shoot by next week and then... DNC! Friday marks the day of none stop! The week of the convention is going to fly by and then I will be in Singapore before I know it. That reminds me that I need to print off important things before I leave...

I have been very, very exhausted lately. More than usual... I hope I sleep the whole time on the plane to Singapore. I am doing my best to not do a lot of things so that I can be rested for the none stop though I have been really bad and have not gone to the gym a lot this week (which worries me because I want to be in decent shape for the convention and Singapore).

It is rainy here too, which makes me more tired but I am doing my best to stay awake.

Now to continue waiting for the FCP comp to export some videos. Crazy...

See you space cowboy...


Check out the show I am working on!


P.S. - I did all the editing : )

Life is but a dream...

Funny Campaigning Song

I thought this was humorous : )